Κάπως έτσι προσπαθούσε να φέρει στα μέτρα του, τα πράγματα που τον περιβάλανε και ήτανε τόσα πολλά σαν δυό άνοιξες μαζί γεμάτες σεντούκια με μαβί ρούχα και δαντέλλες ολόγυρα πλεγμένες, μονάκριβες και λευκές όπως όλα στη πλάνη της λήθης.








































The Emergence of Ancient Tegea Print


The first time I visited Tegea was in the spring of 2007, when I was attending a course at the Norwegian Institute at Athens. Our professor and guide, Knut Ødegård, mentioned that young archaeologists would be needed at the future excavations in the area, and I remember thinking, “I will be one of them!” When the Hellenic-Norwegian Excavation at Tegea started up in 2009, I was one of the lucky few who were invited to join the project. For three years (and counting) I have been happily swinging the pick-axe in the urban centre of ancient Tegea.

Naturally, my first thanks go to my supervisor, Knut Ødegård, for taking me on the project at Tegea in the first place. He also helped me develop this project and allowed me to make it my own, and never turned me down when I would drop by his office with endless questions.

Other thanks are due: IAKH, for giving me the travel scholarship, the Norwegian Institute at Athens for giving me a room, and the Nordic Library at Athens for providing me with a desk there. Karin Hägg Niklasson for initiating a very fruitful seminar. Linn Solli, Irene Selsvold and Elisabet Janssen for participating, and for being part of our exclusive Classics club. Marianne Hem Eriksen, Amy Donaldson, Vincenzo Cracolici and Rasmus Brandt, who read my project and gave me valuable and encouraging feedback. Jørgen Bakke, for letting me use his beautiful maps. All the people who‟ve sat with me in the break room; the forum where one can vent, have silly conversations and some laughs, or exchange precious advice and encouragement. My friends, who (hopefully) have been patient enough to wait for me while I shut myself off from the world during this project. My employers, Peder and Annette Sødem, for a great seven years, and for giving me time off to write and travel which I needed to complete my project.

My parents, who have always supported me, believed in me and who read the final draft of the project.

And the final thanks go to my beloved Jo-Simon Stokke, my everything, who has supported and encouraged me through the highs and lows of this project, and whose love makes me believe I can do anything.

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